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Trend Alert: Day Trading 2008 Bordeaux


The world’s first two-way trading screen that will revolutionize fine wine trading around the globe has been launched by Bordeaux Index, one of Europe’s largest fine wine merchants.

LiveTrade is the only internet trading platform that guarantees both buying and selling prices for 60 of the world’s top wines and allows bids from private individuals as well as trade. This is a significant improvement on the current market broking screen Liv-ex, which does not allow private individuals to bid, nor does it list both selling and buying prices on all wines displayed.

Gary Boom, managing director at Bordeaux Index, explains: “In a world where an estimated £5 billion worth of fine wine is for investment trading, existing services are frankly not good enough. Investors want to know instantly how much their wine is worth and how much they can buy / sell for. And they want constantly updated information.

“LiveTrade is unique as it gives investors, both private individuals and trade, actual prices on a comprehensive list of the world’s top wines that can be traded immediately without having to further contact a broker. It creates a single point of call, making trading, in a variety of currencies, more straightforward and less time consuming.”

Boom adds: “Wine trading is one of the oldest world markets; it shouldn’t rely on yesterday’s prices but on values that can be achieved today. Once investors have used LiveTrade, they won’t want to go anywhere else.”

LiveTrade has just launched and already the response has been impressive. Boom reports that he knows of several City investment houses that are using LiveTrade as a screen for daily trading. “And so they should,” he says. “Bordeaux Index has a reputation for innovation and making wine selection simple, so it isn’t surprising that we have introduced a system that will revolutionize fine wine trading around the globe.”


To register for the free new service, or for more information, visit www.bordeauxindex.com.

2008 Bordeaux: Q and A with François Chandou


I first met François in 1981 when I was assigned his account, a wine bar called La Cave. He had ordered a container of 1978 classified growth Bordeaux wine from the company I worked for and he would ask me about the progress of those wines. 1978, at the time was getting good hype and he was itching to get the goods in. I remember Telex messages and his weekly requests for details. I left the wholesale company before the wines came in, so I never got paid any commission for all the research and due diligence I did on behalf of the account. In fact, I remember showing up at the account when the container arrived to make sure everything arrived in one piece. I think he might have given me a bottle of one of those 1978’s to thank me for my part. Over the years, I went on to sell him other wines. He was one of the few people who took a position on Vino Novello in the early 1980’s. He’d had success with the Beaujolais Nouveau wines and I guess he took pity on the Italian guy schlepping novello out of his van. Thanks François.

François has for many years been a player in the Bordeaux campaign. He is from the region and knows the game well. Now for this short interview regarding another vintage 30 years later, the 2008: Continue reading

2008 Bordeaux: Q and A with James Gunter


James Gunter is a Senior Vice President, Fine Wines for Glazer’s, based out of Addison, Texas. Outside of the corporate world, though, he is one of a handful of people who know the inner workings of the Bordeaux wine industry. In a previous life he could have been a courtier or at the very least, a négociant. At the very least, his is a voice that people listen to on both sides of the Atlantic.

Traveling to France with James can offer an inside view to the often Byzantine manner in which the Bordelaise conduct their business. They are some of the shrewdest men and women in the wine business. And it’s a high stakes game. When one considers that in an average year a bottle of 1st growth Bordeaux can command $300 a bottle in the first tranche, that adds up to a  $100,000,000.00 annual business. And that is just for one property. This isn’t a business for the weak at heart.

Last week I asked him a few questions. Let’s get into it. Continue reading

Bill Blatch’s Bordeaux Report 2008-vintage


Bill Blatch’s Preliminary Bordeaux 2008-vintage report

Source: Bordeaux 08 Report
Updated and posted: Sunday February 1st
VINTEX et les Vignobles Grègoire, Bordeaux
bill@vintex.fr Tel 0556112080

2008: yet another turnaround vintage

Nobody’s going to believe it, and I’m not making this up, but 2008 in Bordeaux is rather a good vintage.

Yet, meteorologically, 2008 looks to be the identical twin vintage of 2007: Each month’s temperatures and rainfall figures are about the same and show clearly that both vintages started with a mild winter, continued into a wet spring, had a mediocre dull and damp summer, and were then saved by a miraculous last-minute turnaround in the form of a glorious autumn. And, in addition, 2008 was the second La Nina year running, the second year running to reverse the recent warming trend…and the second year running of 13 Moons!

So how come the wines of 2007, whilst retaining the same late-harvest characteristics of relatively high acidity, had turned out so radically different from those of 2008, the former bright, fruit-driven, fine-styled and elegant, the latter darker, richer, more generous and more tannic? Even to the growers, the outcome came as something of a surprise. They were expecting 12∞5 and suddenly it all came in at 14∞; anthocyanin counts of 7-800 and they got over 1000; IPTs (tannin measure) of 50 and they ended up often over 90.

The answer seems to lie, despite the apparent similarities, in the vine’s radically different behaviour in 2008 to 2007. In 2007, it had got off to an early and rapid start, with a quick early budding, followed by an early, if erratic, flowering; and it was only then that it got slowed down by the dreary summer months, then achieving a flash last-minute ripening in those fine September days. Continue reading

Bordeaux En Primeur – Jean-Guillaume Prats calls for postponement


Prats of Cos calls for September en primeur
Source: Decanter
By Oliver Styles

February 5, 2009

Jean-Guillaume Prats, the managing director

of Bordeaux Second Growth Chateau Cos d’Estournel, has called for radical changes to the en primeur system.

Prats said the en primeur tastings, held for journalists and wine trade professionals, should occur at their usual time in Spring, but that chateaux should release their prices in September.

‘Its up to the First Growths to lead the change,’ he told French regional newspaper Sud Ouest.

Prats said that the current economic climate was ‘too bad’ for people to be interested in buying the wines. He said if the campaign of releasing wines and prices began in Spring, ‘we would hit a wall’.

Prats’ proposal has the backing of fellow producers. Continue reading

French Newspapers Damn 2008 Bordeaux With Faint Praise

Chateau Latour in Pauillac

Chateau Latour in Pauillac

Source: The Luxist

By Deidre Woollard

It’s not looking good for the 2008 Bordeaux. Decanter reports that France’s two main newspapers, Le Monde and Le Figaro have panned the 2008 vintage. They say that the recent poor weather has affected the harvest. Le Figaro said that the 2008 wine ‘promised neither quality nor quantity’ while Le Monde said that readers ‘should not expect answers [from winemakers] when all the conditions that go in to making a great vintage do not come together.’ The harvest has been very difficult all over the region running weeks behind schedule due to increased rain. The news comes at a time when conflicting Bordeaux stories are in the media. On the one hand, the 2005 Bordeaux is said to be phenomenal, but things after that aren’t so rosy. Vintners are threatening to boycott producers over the cost of the 2006 vintage and the emperor of wine, Robert Parker had limited kind words for the 2007 vintage.

Bordeaux 2008 ‘excellent’ says head of Bordeaux Superieur winemakers’ union

Château Smith-Haut-Lafitte. Photo by Alfonso Cevola

Château Smith-Haut-Lafitte. Photo by Alfonso Cevola

January 9, 2009
Source: Decanter News

Oliver Styles

The head of the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur winemakers’ union has called the 2008 vintage ‘excellent’, despite early indications that the vintage is poor.

Bernard Fargues said that although 2008 produced the smallest crop in the region since the disastrous 1991 vintage, oenologists were ‘unanimous’ in calling last year’s red and white wines ‘excellent’.

The Bordeaux, Bordeaux Superieur, Cremant (sparkling) and Clairet appellations produced 2.5m hl (hectolitres) of wine in 2008 – 25% less than the five-year average.

Early indications, however, suggest the quality of the vintage will resemble that of 2007.

French newspapers Le Monde and Le Figaro recently slammed the 2008 vintage, with the latter saying it ‘promised neither quality nor quantity’. Weather patterns also resembled 2007, with a damp summer prior to harvest. A blog on the Chateau Haut-Brion website called the weather in August ‘disparate’. Continue reading