About The Blend
The Blend began in 2008 as a vehicle for wine and spirits related information, nourished by a group of wine industry professionals from Texas and the South Central part of the United States. In our daily activities we work in the wholesale/distribution/import area of wine and spirits. Most of our internal contributors work for the Glazer’s Family of Companies and are extremely passionate about our work. This blog is an extension of that passion in concert with embracing newer forms of technology and communication. Blogs are definitely part of the future and those of us on these pages feel the need to go beyond scores and the traditional forms of education, marketing and selling wine and spirits.

About the Founder & Editor

Alfonso Cevola is a third acgeneration Italian American. He was born in a vineyard in California, raised in and around his grandfather’s vineyard, where he had first exposure to the grape and the vine. Living in Italy as a youth gave Alfonso the opportunity to work in his Italian relative’s vineyards in the summer and during selected harvests.

Making the move to Texas in 1978, Alfonso made wine in the early 1980’s in North Texas where he was a Gold Medal-winning winemaker in the Texas Wine Competition in 1982. By then, he had already traveled extensively in Italy and the other wine producing regions of the world, including France, Germany, Portugal, South America, California, Oregon, Washington, Texas & New Zealand.

Alfonso conducts educational training sessions for the wine trade throughout the Southwest and lectures on his current area of research, “Italian wine, Ancient and Modern”, in the United States and Italy.

Currently offering his services to the Glazers Family of Companies, based in Texas, as the Corporate Import wine and Social Media Director.

Alfonso is a Certified Specialist in Wine and a Special Contributor to the Dallas Morning News, Appellation America and Sommelier journal

His Wine Blog, On the Wine Trail in Italy is a widely read Italian wine blog and was an American Wine Blog Awards Finalist in two categories, Best Wine Writing and Best Graphics.

He received the Nickel & Nickel Fellowship for wine writing at the 2008 Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood Napa Valley.

Alfonso has been involved in the selling, educating and advancing the cause of Italian wines since 1978 and has worked for Tony La Barba of American Wine in Texas and Glazer’s Wholesale Distributors, representing many of the great wine estates of Italy and the world.

Other Contributors

Guy Stout is the one of four Masters guy-stout-1Sommelier in Texas and one of only 125 in the world. He is also a Certified Wine Educator (CWE), and on the Board of Directors of the Society of Wine Educators. He has been recently recognized as a “Houston Icon” for his contribution to the Wine and Food Industry of Texas.

Guy has worked for Glazer’s for fifteen years and has played an invaluable role in helping create Glazer’s Beverage University program for wine education. He continues to work diligently to assist his fellow trainers, managers and salespeople to further their understanding and appreciation of wine.

Guy is owner of Stout Vineyards in the Texas Hill Country, currently a 3-acre Syrah vineyard selling grapes to local wineries. Most recently Guy has been Certified as an International Bordeaux Wine Educator by the Bordeaux Trade Bureau. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Houston Hilton School for Hotel and Restaurant Management and a member of the Houston Food and Beverage Managers Association.

Julie Tijerina brings ajt-headshot novice’s perspective to wine writing.  Being young and in the wine industry, Julie’s take on wine is from a decidedly “newbie” perspective.  She is fascinated by the wine experience, has a love for its ability to entwine us socially, and has an interest in wine’s historical and artistic presence throughout human existence.

Her educational and professional background is in art direction and print production, so you can expect to read as much critique about packaging as product in her articles.  She graduated with her BFA in Art Direction from Texas A&M University, Commerce.  Julie currently works for the Glazer’s corporate office in what one day will be called the Creative Services Department.



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