The Dallas Morning News Wine Panel: Wines to try for the perfect Easter feast

Source: Dallas Morning News
March 27, 2013
By Tina Danze

Wines to try for the perfect Easter feast

Great suggestions from Tina Danze and the Wine Panel

Excerpts below – full story HERE ( might be behind the DMN paywall)

10010577tBorsao Tres Picos Garnacha, 2010, Spain

Made with old-vine garnacha grapes, this wine shows juicy raspberry, blackberry and cherry flavors, with a touch of smoke, herbs and spice. “It’s smooth, easy-drinking and delicious. It’s got clean flavors and nice acidity, which makes it food friendly,” Anderson said. “It’s nicely balanced and fantastic for the price.”

Luscher noted that the peppery component of the lamb complemented the wine’s fruitiness. Flynn liked the minty character that the wine brought out in the lamb. At $12, this wine is a terrific value.

Altesino Rosso di Altesino, 2010, Italy

altesinoThis sangiovese from Tuscany’s Montalcino region shows fresh, red berry fruit with refreshing herbal notes. “It’s a nice surprise — the nose seems subtle and elegant, but on the palate, there’s more acidity and heft than I expected,” Anderson said. “It has an undercurrent of Old World earthiness.”

Beck said that unlike the other wines that brought out the lamb’s gamey quality, “this wine brings out a heartier, beefier quality in the lamb,” giving it a “recognizable, homey meat flavor.” Tidwell noted that the dish had an opposite effect on the wine. “The wine becomes more earthy, gamy and leathery with the meat, which I like. It’s a great match for someone who likes Old World wine.” Flynn said that both the wine and the lamb bridged Old World and New World flavor profiles. “That’s why this is such a good match.”

Tablas Creek Vineyard Patelin de Tablas, Paso Robles 2011, California

image_2442225_fullThis Rhone blend comes from a winery co-founded by the Perrin family of France’s Chateau de Beaucastel and Robert Haas of Vineyard Brands. The grapes are sourced from Tablas Creek’s vineyards as well as those of its neighbors; many of the grape suppliers have planted cuttings from Tablas Creek, which originally came from the famed Châteauneuf-du-Pape estate, Chateau Beaucastel.

“It’s got more density and concentration than the other wines we’ve seen so far,” Flynn said. “Although it’s mostly syrah, the pepper note doesn’t dominate. The mourvèdre gives the wine an earthiness that I like with the lamb.” Tidwell praised the quality of the fruit. “It’s ripe, but not overripe,” he said. “The wine has a nice suppleness to it, but it’s not over the top.”

Educated Guess Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, 2010, California

ed guessThis cab is Roots Run Deep Winery’s flagship wine. It shows rich blackberry and cherry fruit, with vanilla, mint and cocoa notes. “The wine works with all the components on the plate and brings them together,” Beck said. “It’s a smooth, supple wine to go with lamb,” Tidwell said. “It adds texture and richness to the dish.” He praised the wine’s well-integrated oak. “For people who want a cab, or a wine that shows some oak character, this is the pick.” Luscher added that it’s a good cabernet sauvignon for the price. Anderson called the wine a crowd-pleaser.

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