Friday wine press round-up: Texas in the news

This has been a good week for Texas wines in the Press, starting with the Pedernales Wine of the Week review in the Dallas Morning News. Now we have these two bookend notes on CapRock. CapRock has re-tooled and local and national wine writers have noticed. Take a look at the round up for great news about this winery on the High Plains. Russ Kane, who is my go-to for all things regarding Texas wine on his Vintage Texas Blog, shares the latest good news on CapRock. In my book, Russ is one of the best sources for accurate information on Texas wine. If he writes it, you can pretty much count on it.

Wine Spectator: CapRock’s 2010 Bingham Family Vineyards Roussanne – A Very Good Value

Source: Vintage Texas Blog
September 13, 2012
By Russ Kane

From the October 15, 2012 issue of Wine Spectator: Great American wines – 200 delicious reds and whites for $20 or less (by Kim Marcus)

“There’s no doubt about it: Americans love American wine. Whether it’s due to patriotic impulse or to familiarity with the brands and varietals on offer, Americans overwhelmingly prefer their native bottlings. Nearly three- quarters of the wine consumed in the United States is grown and made on domestic soil.

With this love affair in mind, our latest review of the best wines for the buck focuses on what comes from within U.S. borders. The criteria are straightforward: $20 or less a bottle for American-made wines scoring 85 points or higher (or very good) on the Wine Spectator 100-point scale.”

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And this…

What I’m Drinking Tonight: CapRock Winery Toscano Bianco

Source: Vintage Texas Blog
September 20, 2012
By Russ Kane

It’s been a “hard” couple days. I flew over to New Orleans for a few meetings. Then, I “had” to have dinner at Galatoire’s on Bourbon Street: lovely Oysters Rockefeller, turtle soup, salad and escargot in magnificent butter accompanied with a French Sauvignon Blanc and a White Burgundy ala Mâconnais.

But, you know, my return to Houston, wasn’t bad either. The evening’s weather was fresh, cool and dry. I chilled some Texas wine to serve on the patio with homemade herbed goat cheese, a little dried sausage and such. It was simply delightful.

The wine was CapRock Winery’s new Toscano Bianco, Texas High Plains, 2011, a blend of Muscat and Viognier vinified dry. It yielded crisp citrus and ripe apricot and perhaps an underlay of tangerine; quite pleasant, actually. A nice accompaniment for the moment: the coming of fall in Texas, and a homecoming shared with my wife and a conversation about the day’s happenings.


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