A Red-tailed Hawk Returns to King Estate

“There he is. He’s back home. It feels really good.” – Karen Olch, Volunteer, Eugene Cascades Raptor Center

I knew there was a reason I admire the folks at King Estate so much. From the first time I went there in 2000, when the rolling hills reminded me of Tuscany, I have been drawn to their wines and their people. Some of the reasons I love them, above and beyond their wines:

They make a killer Pinot Noir jam with raspberries.

Their blog is one of the best I have seen coming from any winery. And they have an “app” for IPhones

Their commitment to Solar powersustainable crops and organic farming sets a high bar for even Oregon standards.

They are on the cutting edge of new wine products with their Acrobat wines, their NXNW series and now their NEXT series, a low impact collection of unfussy wines for every day.

And…they have a raptor program. How cool is that? And they just returned a Red Tailed Hawk to the King Estate that they rescued and rehabilitated. Click on the video above, but make sure you have some Kleenex handy

These are the kind of good stories that we need in the wine business and for that we salute King Estate winery for their great wines and their solemn stewardship of their land and the creatures that live on and in it.

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