The Wine Business, Social Media and a Child is Born

Welcome to our new “friend”, Georgia Ann Parzen.

About 3 ½ years ago I suggested to a friend of mine, a fellow blogger, who was moving from New York to San Diego, that he should “friend” a friend of mine. They were both involved in the wine world, both fluent in Italian, and both were bloggers. Perfect fit. Little did I know.

All's fair in Love and Wine - photo by Jennifer Nichols

After these two friends “friended” on Facebook, they started a long distance romance. One thing led to another and the man, Jeremy Parzen, moved to Austin, where one of our contributors and sales representative for Glazers, Tracie Branch, was living. Their romance blossomed and within 18 months they married. I was asked to be the best man.

About 6 months ago they announced they were having a baby, and we all have watched as Tracie (now Parzen) grew and grew. And all along the way this love story just got better.

Georgia Ann and proud mama

And then this week their baby, Georgia Ann arrived to join Jeremy and Tracie in this life.

Here at The Blend, Guy, Julie, Caterina and I are all very happy for this new addition to our family. And who knew it would all start from the push of a button on Facebook, when this blogger suggested these two “friend” each other. Takes “friending” to a whole ‘nother level, don’t ya know?

Both Tracie and Jeremy have made countless contributions to this blog, the wine world and our friendship. Now they have brought a beautiful child into this world.

..and baby makes three

Congratulations to the new parents, Jeremy and Tracie and many many years of happiness. Mazeltov!

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