Spanish wines are “totally hot” in Texas

photo courtesy of Jeremy Parzen, PhD

It seems Spain is taking over Texas, wine wise. There are so many Spanish food and wine promotions and write-ups lately I can barely keep track of them. One wine that has rocked my world lately is the Getaria Txakolina by Txomin Etxaniz. This wine is gorgeous and crisp.

Justin Vann, an eclectic sommelier-soul  and Wine Manager at Central Market described it perfectly when he messaged me on Facebook and said simply, “It’s like drinking electricity. So good.”

Several writers in Texas concur.

Becky Murphy wrote this week in the Dallas Morning News when she made it her Wine of the Week, and commented,

“Txakoli (chock-o-lee) is the ultimate seafood wine. It comes from the Basque area of northern Spain, thus the unfamiliar spellings. This one is from the fishing town of Getaria, perched above the Bay of Biscay, where the vineyards are on steep slopes that can only be worked by hand. Wine production here is modest, therefore the immodest prices. This is an animated, slightly fizzy wine with green apple, citrus and mineral aromas and flavors and vivid acidity. It evokes a sense of salty sea breezes and sandy beaches. It begs for oysters on the half shell.”


From the Houston Press, Jeremy Parzen had this to say in his exotic and uber-interesting column Odd Pair

The explosion of citrus aroma and flavor in this bottling of Getaria Txakolina by Txomin Etxaniz made it an ideal pairing for the spicy guacamole we served as an antipasto for our dinner party the other night. Genuine fruit flavor, bright acidity, and low alcohol — these are the top criteria that I apply when I size up any wine. The right combination of these elements is what makes wine delicious, food-friendly, and part of a balanced meal (in terms of both flavors and weights but also digestion).


Thanks y’all for loving this wine as much me and my Spanish compadre winemaker-terroiristis do too!

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