Hotter than a Firecracker: Weekly Roundup of Wine Press

Gary P. Nunn and Jerry Jeff Walker still want to go home with the Armadillo, and it is hotter than blazes in Texas and America at large in August. Dallas journalist Jeff Siegel features an Italian white -Arancio Grillo 2009 as his Wine of the Week on his popular Wine Curmudgeon blog. Jeff has been following the action out in Lubbock with the auction of Cap* Rock and Gruet and the deal that fell through.

Russ Kane of Vintage Texas and Ben Simons of Vintology are bloggers, yes, bloggers who dare who broke the story of Gruet and Cap*Rock. Welcome to the new world of where we get our breaking news. By the way, Russ and Ben are up-and-coming-Twitterers who follow the news and share it through Twitter, as does old newshound Jeff. Get with it, folks, we are getting news from any number of places these days, including the newspaper.

Russ Kane and his  Vintage Texas has really done a great job of bringing news about the Texas wine trail to the blogosphere. Check out his latest post, Write Off the Vine: Texas Wine News

Austin is a hot-bed of activity. The Banfi Italian estate wines are selling like hotcakes in places like Siena Ristorante Toscano , nestled in a little hillside in Austin. If you didn’t know better you might think you fell asleep and woke up in a castle in Tuscany. Chef Harvey of Siena has his blog up and running now with all the news from his kitchen and beautiful dining room. Check it out along with the recent Sold-Out Banfi wine dinner,  which was moderated by all-around Italian expert (he has a Ph.D. in it for goodness sakes, he better be good), Dr. Jeremy Parzen who cranks out  Do Bianchi posts like a mad man. Lest you think Jeremy is some newcomer to the wine scene, none other than the highly influential journalist and wine blogger, Eric Asimov has this to say about him in his New York Times blog, The Pour : “One of the most idiosyncratic and interesting blogs around is Do Bianchi by Jeremy Parzen, one of those annoyingly talented individuals who speaks multiple languages, writes music, plays in a band, and also writes about wine and food.”

Our very own Guy Stout is preparing for his hill country harvest at Stout Vineyards, as reported by Kim Pierce on the Dallas Morning News Eats blog. Next weekend he will be running between his Syrah vineyard in Blanco, Texas and the Texsom conference in Dallas, August 15 and 16.  By the way, Texsom is celebrating its 6th year. Bravo to Drew Hendricks and James Tidwell, master sommeliers, as well as the up-and-coming Devon Broglie and Craig Collins, for showing youthful and energetic leadership in this venture. Devon and Craig are part of a trio dream team Super Texan tasters, along with June Rodil of Uchi and the newly born Uchiko, two of the hottest tickets in hot-as-a-firecracker Austin.

The "New" Drew with son Hayes and lovely wife Meredith

A special shout out to Drew Hendricks, who in the last year has taken the same energy he used to get his master sommelier certification to his body. Drew, recently profiled in the Wine Spectator, has shed many, many pounds, and is in the best shape of his life. We couldn’t be prouder of any accomplishment than the one he made to become healthier and fit. Along with that he is now a certified stud and we share in his happiness when we see his determination and will power.

Our very own home-grown Wine Blogger, Alfonso Cevola, had a near mishap this week. “All in a days work,” was all we could drag out of him.  Read about it here: Here Today, Gone Tonnato.

Take it easy, Italian wine guy, it’s August and hotter than hell.

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