The Stout Report – Texas Sommelier Conference – August 15-16

Texas Sommelier Conference – Don’t Miss the best Wine Educational programs offered in Texas.

It is hard to imagine that the Texas Sommelier Conference is in its 6th year. It is being held at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Las Colinas, Texas (nearby Dallas). Go to to register for the seminars being held Sunday August 15th and Monday August 16th and also for the Grand Tasting Monday evening, where The Top Sommelier in Texas will be recognized at the tasting.

I have been a supporter of the conference since it started and encourage everyone with a passion for wine to attend as many sessions as possible. Proceeds benefit the scholarships for professional certification courses, to support wine education.

The seminars this year are outstanding. Get to know Chardonnay a little better. This session will cover the variety of styles produced in the major regions of the world. It is one of the first classes at the conference on Sunday, so get there early. Seriously, its starts early.

Masterclass – Chardonnay Around the World, conducted by:

Fred Dame MS, one of the first Master Sommelier in America and a Texan in his heart, he’s really from Monterey California, but you wouldn’t know it by the boots and belt buckle

Jay Fletcher MS, one of the greatest sommelier in the country and Little Nell fame and he is also the Current President of the Master Sommelier

Joe Spellman MS, the previous President of the Master Sommelier’s and director of sales for Justin Vineyards in Paso Robles

Jay James MS, one of the dynamic sommelier’s to build the Bellagio Hotel wine program into one of the great wine destinations in the country and now works with Southern Wine and Spirits

Following the Chardonnay session up with a look at the wines of southern Italy.

Emerging Regions: Southern Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia , conducted by :

Laura DePasquale MS, with Palm Bay Imports and one of the leading Italian wine educators in the country
Charles Curtis MW, shows his passion for Italian wines and also works with private collectors on developing their wine cellars

Monday has a couple of outstanding seminars as well.

Terroir Focus: Geographical Influences on Northwest Wines, conducted by:

Kevin Pogue, Shayn Bjornholm MS, and Greg Harrington MS. These guys live in one of the fastest growing premium wine areas in America and what makes the geologically distinct..

Emerging Region: South America, conducted by:

Josh Raynolds and Keith Goldston MS

If you want to know the latest update on the damage to the wine regions from the earthquake in Chile and the new developing regions of Argentina and beyond, this is your class. Evan Goldstein is one of the greatest wine educators in the world and absolutely bursting with energy. Josh has one of the greatest knowledge of the wines of South America and excellent palate. If he can only slow Evan down a bit……..

Do not miss the Grand Tasting on Monday evening at 7:00pm.

The sponsors of the Texas Sommelier conference will be there pouring their wines and meet all of the owners and wine making from around the world. We will announce the winner of the Texas Sommelier Competition> Candidates are taken thru service, tasting and theoretical examinations in the one day exam. The winner is announced Monday evening and that person will be The Top Sommelier in Texas. ……….. Guy

Go to:, to register for the seminars

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