Campodelsole ~ Exciting new wine discovery from Emilia-Romagna

Campodelsole, which means “field of sun”, sits on a hill with the mountains behind it and the sea in front of it. If anyone could make a more beautiful spot for vines or humans, they’d have to work hard to match Campodelsole. If fact, this area has been farmed and inhabited since before the Roman times. On a recent replanting of one vineyards, the workers had to stop numerous times to pick the Roman pottery and amphoras out of the field.

Roman pottery fragment from 2000 years ago

Bertinoro is the town that the winery is attached to, sitting on top of the hill. On the summit, one imagines a landscape like Montalcino.

Here, as well, Sangiovese is King.

Campodelsole’s strength is Sangiovese – pure, fresh, fruit that is bright and wine that is rich, dry and delicious.

Another strength of this estate is the family multigenerational commitment to the future. An enviable state-of-the-art gravity-fed winery that will withstand the ages has been lovingly placed to receive the bounty of the fields of sun.

Lovely wines from an under-appreciated part of Italy, famous for their food and their cooking. Now the wines enter the arena.

The Wines

“Selva” Albana Di Romagna DOCG – One of the original 6 wines to receive the DOCG status a generation ago, this white wine is crisp, fresh, fruity and dry. Perfect for warm weather and casual salads and pasta dishes with light cream sauces, or seafood like calamari or shrimp. (Selling retail for under $13.)

“San Pascasio” Pagadebit Di Romagna – From the indigenous Bombino Bianco grape, Pagedebit (which means “pay the debt” as harvesting this prodigious producer was always a source of income for the farmers in the region) is also a typical white from the Adriatic coast. Again, the white wine is dominated by crisp acidity, delicate fruit and lack of manipulation – no oak or malolactic. A great quaffing wine to go with many of the same dishes as the Albana.(Selling retail for under $14.)

“Durano” Sangiovese Di Romagna – A perfect “entry level” Sangiovese from the winery. Perfect as a by-the-glass offering with moderate alcohol, no oak and a healthy dose of pure, rich Sangiovese character – cherries, nutty and easy to drink. Dry.(Selling retail for under $13.)

“San Maglorio” Sangiovese Di Romagna Superiore – Superiore denotes a little higher alcohol (½%) from estate vineyards that have had a deeper selection for fruit and depth. Still very affordable, and again no oak, no technological manipulation to dress the wine up. Thankfully, the wine, in its natural state has terrific attributes for concentrated fruit and vigor. Really one of the stars in the portfolio, reflecting great quality and value. (Selling retail for under $15.)

“Palpedrigo” Sangiovese/Cabernet/Merlot – One of the racehorses in the stable, this red is a blend of Sangiovese with the stylish global travelers, Cabernet and Merlot. One admirer remarked that it reminded them of a famous Alexander Valley Cabernet made famous in the 1980’s. More power, more oak, but in the balanced way only an Italian wine can pull off. (Selling retail for under $20.)

“Vertice” Sangiovese Di Romagna Superiore Riserva – This is the tour-de-force of the estate, 100% Sangiovese made in the style one finds over the mountain range in Montalcino. Gorgeous full-throttle red with plenty of stuffing, horsepower and confident appeal. This is the heart stopper of the estate and worth every penny. (Selling retail for about $35.)

Gathering vinestock to replant a field

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