Month: February 2009

2008 Bordeaux: Q and A with François Chandou

I first met François in 1981 when I was assigned his account, a wine bar called La Cave. He had ordered a container of 1978 classified growth Bordeaux wine from the company I worked for and he would ask me about the progress of those wines. 1978, at the time was getting good hype and he was itching to get the goods in. I remember Telex messages and his weekly requests for details. I left the wholesale company before the wines came in, so I never got paid any commission for all the research and due diligence I did on behalf of the account. In fact, I remember showing up at the account when the container arrived to make sure everything arrived in one piece. I think he might have given me a bottle of one of those 1978’s to thank me for my part. Over the years, I went on to sell him other wines. He was one of the few people who took a position on Vino Novello in the early 1980’s. He’d had success with the Beaujolais Nouveau wines and I guess he took pity on the Italian guy schlepping novello out of his van. Thanks François.

François has for many years been a player in the Bordeaux campaign. He is from the region and knows the game well. Now for this short interview regarding another vintage 30 years later, the 2008